Arkitech Interior


We specialize in a variety of services related to ACP elevation and glazing work. This includes front elevation ACP cladding, wooden colour ACP elevation work, complex ACP elevation, home ACP elevation, ACP sheet cladding work, front elevation ACP work for commercial properties, and more. We strive to provide high-quality products and services that meet the highest industry standards.


At our organization, client satisfaction is paramount and essential for our long-term success. Therefore, we are focused on providing quality services from the customer’s viewpoint. Our drive to ensure complete client happiness in every interaction is what sets us apart from the competition.

At our facility, aluminium sheets and other materials for the production process are carefully inspected by a team of highly trained QA and QC experts. In addition, to ensure the highest standards are achieved, the entire manufacturing process is monitored by our specialists on an ongoing basis. Every batch of product we ship meets stringent quality requirements that have been established in consultation with industry professionals.

Gate Lasercut Designs

Metal designs cutting, such as railing for towers, windows, gates, stairwells, and elevations.

Acrylic LED Sign letters

Enhance the visibility of your business, organization, or personal domain with stylish, attractive Acrylic LED Sign Letters.

Building Elevation Laser

METAL, WPC and ACP can be used to create exterior designs that meet a variety of needs.