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  • Clients of custom interior design solutions will be completely satisfied when they customize their home instead of selecting off-the-shelf products.
  • Our expertise ensures that the client’s needs and a selected design theme are taken into account throughout the process.
  • We measure the actual space on location, customize furniture according to plan, and interact regularly with our clients to develop solutions that suit their needs.
  • From a plethora of accessories and fixtures present in the market, cabinets can be tailored precisely to individual specifications helping increase storage capacity and make the most out of tricky areas.


Restaurants need to create an atmosphere that not only complements their cuisine but also their interior architecture. They must take into account factors such as the layout, lighting, and furniture when designing a space that will provide diners with a truly positive experience. It can be challenging for restaurant owners to craft a well-rounded environment that delivers on all fronts.

For interior design projects, Arkitech Interiors is the perfect choice. Our Interior Design team is experienced in all aspects of restaurant furniture selection, colour palette creation, and lighting design. With their expert guidance and advice, any project can be brought to life with a perfectly-balanced blend of form and function.


Interior design plays a critical role in hospitality businesses such as hotels and restaurants. At our firm, we specialize in creating innovative designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Our experience is extensive, from designing luxurious layouts for hotels to crafting custom interiors for restaurants. Our team of professional interior designers has the skills and expertise needed to create an extraordinary space.


When designing a restaurant, creating the right atmosphere is paramount to customers’ experience. Setting tables apart with adequate spacing will communicate an intimate and private setting for guests, fostering a more intimate dining experience.

Creating the right atmosphere for your restaurant means carefully considering the layout. According to Arkitech Interior’s Interior Design Director, tightly packed tables can create a more vibrant and lively atmosphere. Conversely, more spacious tables may exude a feeling of elegance and grandeur. With this in mind, choose the layout that best fits your restaurant’s ideal ambiance.

At Arkitech Interiors, we understand the importance of a layout that allows staff and patrons to move around quickly and efficiently. This idea is reflected in the restaurant’s room layout, which has been designed with this purpose in mind.


Carefully chosen artworks and antiques can be used to convey a specific message to guests upon entering a space. These pieces not only provide texture and warmth, but serve as focal points that reinforce or contrast the interior design theme. Showcasing a thoughtful selection of art and antiques is an ideal way to bring the décor together.

Designers recognize the importance of personalizing restaurant wall design to match that of a home’s dining room. Luxury features like pieces of art, sculptures above tables, and other artwork show an establishment’s history and make it more inviting. For our restaurant interior design projects, we strive to promote this while helping our clients make wise investments they won’t regret.